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Since You Been Gone - Chapter List / Banners / Pictures 
7 Aug, 2009
Kellan side Nikki front
Story Title: Since You Been Gone
Genre: Twilight - Angst/Romance
Rating: MA/NC-17
Details: AH, OOC, Lemons
Summary: Victoria is on the look for revenge. She had lost her true love. Edward has to protect the city of Seattle and the ones he loves: Bella, Nessie and his family. Could he save them from Victoria's revenge?..
Disclaimer: Everything related to the Twilight saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I'm just having fun with the characters.

Banner By: bellacullenpr



Chapter 1 - Getting To Know Him

Chapter 2 - The First Time

Chapter 3 - The Family Business

Chapter 4 - The First Task

Chapter 5 - Taking Business to USA

Chapter 6 - DEA: Drug Enforcement Administration

Chapter 7 - Investigations

Chapter 8 - Informant

Chapter 9 - New Strategy

Chapter 10 - Meeting Emmett Cullen

Chapter 11 - What is Mine and Alice

Chapter 12 - Meanwhile...

Chapter 13 - The Day Before

Chapter 14 - Operation Breaking Dawn

Chapter 15 - Resistance

Chapter 16 - Mission Accomplished

Chapter 17 - Meeting With The Past

Chapter 18 - The Plan

Chapter 19 - Plan Implementation: Phase One

Chapter 20 - Plan Implementation: Phase Two

Chapter 21 - Plan Implementation: Phase Three

Chapter 22 - Coming Home

Chapter 23 - One Step Closer

Chapter 24 - The Rescue

Chapter 25 - Nessie's Birthday and Epilogue

*Chapter 1:
- Victoria's parents Hotel in Sinaloa, Mexico
- James Hayabusa
- James Jacket

*Chapter 2:
- James House

*Chapter 3:
- Jasper's Glock

*Chapter 4:
- Rosalie's Pixie

*Chapter 5:
- Victoria's Workplace

*Chapter 6:
- Edward & Bella's House 1
- Edward & Bella's House 2
- Renesmee Cullen
- Renesmee's Bedroom
- Edward's DEA Badge

*Chapter 10:
- Rosalie's Work Clothes

Since You Been Gone @ FF.net

Twilighted Thread
3 Sep, 2009 (UTC)
welcome bb!
I'm glad I can help and that you like what I do.
3 Sep, 2009 (UTC)
Thats soooooo right bb :)!!! *kisses* :)
23 Nov, 2009 (UTC)
OT but I've been staring at your icon for the past 3 minutes *_*
24 Nov, 2009 (UTC)
ahhaahahahahahahahahahaha Im glad you like it I did it myself ;) You can take it (with proper credit) if you want bb :) hahaha
9 Dec, 2009 (UTC)
this is totally awesome!!you rock!!!
9 Dec, 2009 (UTC)
Thank you sooo much!! Sorry if I didn't reply this earlier, but I didn't receive any notification about it ok!? :) Merry Christmas bb!!
15 Dec, 2009 (UTC)
recebe tu tarjeta! gracias!

do you have twitter? if you do, add me!
15 Dec, 2009 (UTC)
Awww Im glad you like it ;)!!! Well ya te agregué... add me back ok!?
1 Feb, 2010 (UTC)
ooo didnt know you had a fic

i'll have to check it out <3
3 Feb, 2010 (UTC)
Ohhhh!! I got two actually hahahaha I'm a crazy writer haha ;) You have to read it bb, Since You Been Gone is amazing (not because I wrote it, it's because the plot is awesome haha)

And the other one is a one shot I submitted to a contest a few months ago, and it is also on my FF.net profile: www.fanfiction.net/~dennycullenlutz

Go check on them please ;)!!! Hope you like them both and read some reviews from you bb! XD


*big Emmett hug*
7 Mar, 2010 (UTC)
wow awesome...you´re such a good writer!! <3

love Aylin
7 Mar, 2010 (UTC)
Thank you soooo much!!!! Add me if you like ;) Ill add you back
19 Mar, 2010 (UTC)
http://www.livejournal.com/manage/invites.bml ♥ about a mutual friend
keep it on the DL pls-it's a surprise which apparently i FAIL at

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22 Apr, 2010 (UTC)
hahahaha Thank you hun! I'm glad you like it ;) If you want to read a good lemon... just read my new one shot called "Showroom" it's smoking HOT! hahaha


Kisses bb!

(Deleted comment)
21 Jun, 2010 (UTC)
A day early but :D

22 Jun, 2010 (UTC)
OMG HUN!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 Jul, 2010 (UTC)
thank you so much for yor comment :)!
27 Jul, 2010 (UTC)
you welcome bb :)
8 Aug, 2010 (UTC)
You might be interested in writing for my site First Light. It's an Interactive Fan Fiction Site. Same concept as regular fiction but the story is written with your name as the main character, you can also add friends and other elements to the story. I have Twilight, Taylor Lautner, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and General stories on there now. Just email me if your interested
9 Aug, 2010 (UTC)
thanks for the invitation!! Right now I don't think I have time tho, I started my classes at the uni again. But thanks you so much for thinking about me. Maybe next time ;)
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