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Monster : Prologue

Story Title: Monster
Genre: Twilight - Angst/Romance
Rating: MA/NC-17
Pairing: Rosalie/Emmett
Details: AU, Lemons
Summary: One person from Rosalie Hale's human past comes back to crash down all the walls she has built for 75 years, to destroy her marriage and pull her apart from her family.

A/N: HI! I proudly present my newest story Monster. Hope you guys enjoy this story and come with me in this new adventure. I want to thank my first reader Nyvia, and to my first and second Beta Marian and Sep who helped me a lot for this to look pretty. Thanks guys! Thanks babes for all the encouragement and support.

Disclaimer: SM is the legal owner. I'm still have $0.00 on my back account.

The change.

Rochester, New York 1937

Terror. Pure and simple terror flooded in veins and made my lungs like they wanted to explode any minute. That's all I felt, because I knew she was coming for me. I could sense her presence nearby, as if she could jump in front of me any second. I could even feel the cold breath of death whispering in my ear, following me right to the back of my neck in each step I took around the small room.

I had almost forgotten everything that happened some time ago with my ex fiancee when, a few nights ago, Mathew's mother came banging on our door screaming my name incessantly, waking up the entire house. When my father woke up and ran down the stairs to open the door, the woman came directly to me and handed me a small piece of torn, bloody paper. I unfolded it carefully and the words scribbled on that paper made my heart skip a beat and made me fall to my knees.

Royce, hide. Anywhere you can. She is coming for you. Rosalie Hale is alive and she came for me. She is outside my door. -Mathew

I stared at the message for a few minutes.

"Rosalie? That can't be possible… she's dead… dead…" I mumbled, reading the small letter again and again, to try and fool my eyes that the name written down by Mathew wasn't Rosalie's. But my eyes didn't fool me. Since that night my father, Royce King II, hired a group of guards to keep me safe: they were gathered in front of the hotel room door where I was hiding. I was certain that they could scared and make her leave hell alone, by using their Beretta's and semi automatic pistols.

I'm sitting in the back of the room, sweating like a fucking pig, just waiting for her to come. I took off my shirt and tossed the wet garment on the bed. I took off my shoes and socks, because my feet were killing me from walking side to side, not stopping for hours. And the more hours and minutes passed, the more terror filled the insides of my guts. Her ghost or whatever the hell she was… had killed all my friends, insanely cold blooded deaths to all of them.

One by one they had been taken down, in a very vicious ways.

Frank's head was found in his kitchen trashcan, parts of his body were still missing. Stefan was dismembered in his dad's office at their casino, were he apparently hid for weeks.

Johnny was beaten to death; the police couldn't even determine which side of his head was the face.

And Mathew… died by heart failure after she banged on his apartment door, probably at midnight, because he was found by his mother the next morning.


I was just waiting for her to arrive and kill me.

I dragged myself to the bed, resting my head on my arms trying to stay as calm as I possible could at the situation at hand.

"Cold head, Royce. Cold head." I closed my eyes and began to think about that awful night almost two years ago. And I felt scared, but what's done is done and there was no way back, right?

I was drifting to an uneven slumber when the screams of the four guards, gathered at my doors, made me jump off the bed and hell out of my skin.

"She's… she's here." I stuttered, my voice shaking in fear. I began to pace around the bed, knowing well that my time to pay had come.

I heard the distinguished sound of gun shots being fired, then muffled voices and then... nothing. Just a tense silence filled the whole room. A few seconds later, the ear shattering screams of the four men filled the whole room, making me dizzy and sick. I vomited and stumbled to the ground, trying to get away from the door as far as possible. My heart was racing in my chest so hard, that I was sure I was going to pass out any time soon.

But for my mother fucking luck, I didn't.

Rosalie Lillian Hale kicked down the door in a second, and she stared at me, her eyes pierced my skin with an evil smile on her cherub like face. She fixed her… red eyes?... on me and smirked widely.

What happened to her? Why is she alive? I am sure we killed her! I thought as I kept my eyes on the ghostly like woman.

"Now you are the one who's afraid, aren't you Royce King? I can almost taste your fear." Her voice sounded different. It was seductively, frightening and fascinating, all at the same time. She slowly walked and my eyes went big as saucers when I saw her in the light. Rosalie was wearing her wedding gown, the one I bought her, for our wedding.

I was shocked. I shook my head several times, opened and closed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things, but yes… she was wearing it.

"Do you like my wedding dress, Royce? Isn't it gorgeous?" Rosalie said, turning around in circles so I could watch her dress. White ruffles and bows flied around her sculpted body as she kept spinning around in front of me.

"Sure it fits me better now, don't you think love?" She sneered smiling, and I cried.

"You.Are.Dead! I killed you myself Rosalie!" I yelled, my voice catching in my throat.

She just laughed and nodded. "Yes, actually yes you did. And now it's my turn to return the favor."

Rosalie had fun with me. She threw my body against the walls, scratched her impossible sharp nails on my flesh making me scream in pain. Just like she did that night. A few bones were exposed, my jaw was out of place for sure and my whole body was hurting horribly. My useless legs and arms angled in a very inhuman ways to the sides of my torn body. I began to cough and blood came up in my mouth, making me almost choke on it.

I passed out, the pain becoming too unbearable and fear of death overcame me.

When I opened my eyes for the last time, I watched Rosalie's back walking out of the room. Taking off her gloves and undoing the zipper on the back of her dress, letting it fall on the floor. She grabbed a coat and wrapped her naked body in it. And she disappeared.

Pain was all over me and I asked God forgiveness and mercy to help me die.

"I… want… to… die… I… want… to… die… God… help… me… die…" I repeated again and again in agony. I closed my eyes when I felt that someone was beside me, staring at me curiously. I cried again, thinking that maybe Rosalie noticed that I was not dead yet, and wanted to finish the job.

I don't know if it was God who sent me there, or if Satan himself came from Hell to take me with him. The next thing I felt was a burning sensation so intense, I swear I was burning alive in Hell. This was going to be my punishment for what I did to Rosalie Lillian Hale.

Burning alive in Hell.

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