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Monster - Chapter List / Banner / Etc..

Story Title: Monster
Genre: Twilight - Angst/Romance
Rating: MA/NC-17
Pairing: Rosalie/Emmett
Details: AU, Lemons
Summary: One person from Rosalie Hale's human past comes back to crash down all the walls she has built for 75 years, to destroy her marriage and pull her apart from her family.
Disclaimer: SM is the legal owner. I'm still have $0.00 on my back account.

Banner By: foreverm


Chapter 1: My past and what I did
Chapter 2: Happiness
Chapter 3: King's Palace
Chapter 4: Art Auction
Chapter 5: Finding Her
Chapter 6: Happy Life
Chapter 7: I Knew It...
Chapter 8: End of the Fairy Tale
Chapter 9: Contact
Chapter 10: Against the Wall
Chapter 11: In My Hands
Chapter 12: Lost
Chapter 13: Escape
Chapter 14: Looking for You
Chapter 15: I'm Here...
Chapter 16: Picking Up The Pieces
Chapter 17: No More Tears

Monster @
Tags: fan fiction, monster
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