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Friends Only! 
27 Jul, 2020
Kellan side Nikki front

Comment to be added!
29 Jul, 2010 (UTC)
me añades?
*le guiña el ojo*
plz :3

PD esos perros son unos suerturdos >.
1 Aug, 2010 (UTC)
q yo no te he añadido a ti?! Como va a ser Rose?!


4 Sep, 2010 (UTC)
only kellan could attract my attention away from that cute puppy :D
4 Sep, 2010 (UTC)
hahahahahahahahaahhahaha OMG! girl!!! :)

25 Sep, 2010 (UTC)
awwww how cute :D:D:D
Thanku You soooo much for Your comment !!!!!
25 Sep, 2010 (UTC)
welcome sweetie!!!! *hugs*
5 Oct, 2010 (UTC)
hi sweetie :]
i would love to be ur friend! can u add me?
7 Oct, 2010 (UTC)
HI!!!!!!!!!!!! or course Im gonna add you babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you :)

31 Oct, 2010 (UTC)
hiya hun you added me so i thought i would return the favour :) and it seems we have a few things in Commen ....i love ur emmett rosalie header did u make it?
1 Nov, 2010 (UTC)
Hi babe!!! Oh thank you so much for adding me ;)!!!!!

Aweeeeeee thank you!!!!!!!!

No!!!! It was my friend from e_transitions who did it for me!!! It soooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
29 Dec, 2010 (UTC)
hi :]
my name is carly & i'd really love to be your friend :] you seem like a really nice person & we have a few things in common which is really cool. will you add me please? i'd really appreciate it :]

30 Dec, 2010 (UTC)
HI!!!!!!!!! is so nice to meet you :) of course I can add you... add me back please *hugs*
10 Mar, 2011 (UTC)
Hola! amigas? <3
11 Mar, 2011 (UTC)
HOLA! Claro ya te agregue :)
14 Mar, 2011 (UTC)
My name is Jasmine & I'm new to LJ. I found you in a community and I would love to be added to you friend list please.
15 Mar, 2011 (UTC)
Hi Jasmine!! :) Nice to meet you! :) Ok, send me the invitation to accept and add you *smiles*
7 May, 2011 (UTC)
Hi Denny!!!
Goodmorning everyone from Italy!
7 May, 2011 (UTC)
HI!!!!!!!!! : ) hope youre doing fine babe *hugs*
8 May, 2011 (UTC)
I would like to be added mah dear! :)
8 May, 2011 (UTC)
You?! nah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Added! *hugs*
22 Jun, 2011 (UTC)


Hope you have a wonderful day & all your dreams come true ;)
xox Danni
23 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cupcakes!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

thank you so much sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
Happy Birthday chicka! Hope it was a swell one!
23 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) *hugs*
2 Aug, 2011 (UTC)
Thanks for helping out :) Add me please? Or at least watch newborn_light My icon Comm Thank you :)

Are they his dogs by the way?
7 Aug, 2011 (UTC)
of course I will add you, please add me as well :)

YUP!!! Those are Kevin and Kola :)
1 Apr, 2012 (UTC)
idk if you still remember me (i've been dead on lj for like 2 years) but it's me forever_fivetwo :) add? :>
4 Apr, 2012 (UTC)
Done!! :) Add me back please :)
22 Jun, 2013 (UTC)
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day ;)
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