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Hurry Up! Outtake...

Story Title: Hurry Up!
Genre: Twilight - Romance/Drama
Rating: M
Details: AH, Lemon
Summary: One night is all it takes to fall in love. Edward finds his true love on the most unexpected way. Could jealousy and obsession separate them?

A/N: This was my contribution to Fics for Nashville. This One Shot is Bella's POV of the One Shot titled "Hurry Up!" I felt happy to help and share a little bit with this important cause. Hope you all like this chapter. Thank you to my wonderful betas mycrookedsmile and storytellerslie from Project Team Beta.

Disclaimer: All the things related to Twilight are not mine.

Bella's POV

I met Jake during our senior year in Forks, Seattle, and we stayed together even during our first semester in college. He was a very handsome with strong and built body and he was a funny guy, a gym lover and an excellent chef. He was the type of guy who could become your best friend in just one day. From the very first time he spoke to me at the school library, I knew he was different, so special. So after a few dates to different restaurants, movie theaters and walks in the park, I immediately fell in love with him. He was the kind of boy you would never be afraid of taking home with you to meet your parents, and of course your parents are going to love him with only a word spoken. One evening, Jake asked me to be his girlfriend. I jumped off the couch and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. We had a fire burning first-time-sex. I didn't think about it twice and accepted him in my life.

We graduated and went to college together. I was studying graphic design at that time and Jake was pursuing a career in engineering construction at Seattle University. I lived with my best friend Alice Brandon and Jake decided to move in with us, because we still had an unoccupied room in our apartment. We spent most of our evenings on our apartment cooking dinner, watching movies with our roommate Alice. The evenings usually ended with the two of us making out on the red leather sofa that my mom gifted me when I moved to Seattle. I never noticed anything strange about him, except that he didn't actually like to talk about his family or relatives ever, and he was extremely jealous. But I thought jealousy was that way.

"Hey Jake… come here baby," I called to him from the kitchen. He was on the couch with Alice, watching Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? on TV.

"Yes Bells?" He came running and hugged me from behind while I chopped up some celery for the chicken soup Alice wanted to eat.

"I was wondering, now that you're going to meet my parents… Did your mom ever call you? Or, your dad? Cause I've never…" But he cut me mid sentence.

"Bella, please… just… I'll… uh… call her tomorrow." And he left the room with two beers in his hand, without turning to look at me.

Because I didn't feel like intruding or questioning him about it again; I just let it drop.

If I'd only known how wrong I was…

The day of our first anniversary was when I started to notice that something was wrong with him. Jake usually didn't drink too much during our partying escapades, but that night Jake received a strange phone call on our way home that made him change completely.

"I don't fucking care…" he hissed and slammed his cell phone shut.

I placed my hand on top of his.

"What's wrong honey? Who called?" I asked. He became hysterical.

"It was nobody Bella!" he yelled back. I flinched, because I wasn't expecting that reaction. But I persisted.

"But Jake, baby… Maybe I can help you. Who was it? Was it your mother?" I kept asking, thinking I was doing the right thing. I was wrong again.

"JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP BELLA! You don't fucking need to know who it was or why they're calling me!" Jacob was enraged and I was so scared of him! He stopped at a gas station to fill the car tank and bought two bottles of vodka. I was dead silent in the passenger seat, watching as he gulped down almost half bottle in one gulp. Jacob refilled the tank and pulled out of the gas station, screeching the tires.

That was the beginning of my nightmare.

Jacob didn't hide his alcoholic behavior from me anymore; he drank all the time, anywhere, everyday. I stopped partying with my friends because he made scenes everywhere. He became obsessed with the idea that I was being unfaithful, that I was cheating on him with my college friends, with my co-workers; he was jealous even of my own father! My conscience told me every day to leave him, to run away from him. But then, I thought I could help him change. I worked hard to place my heart away from my head to be able to walk away from him but I didn't found the will inside of me to leave him. Jacob made me quit college, forced me to quit my job and abandon my family and friends. He was becoming my entire world, but it was too late to stop him by then.

Everything fell apart when Jacob planned a surprise birthday party for me at my parent's house. He invited all my ex co-workers, a few mutual friends and my family. We were having a good time and he was behaving perfectly. My father was drinking a beer and offered Jacob one, and to my surprise he declined it, saying that he had promised me that he would stop drinking. And I was extremely happy! Jacob and I danced and laughed to no end, and I remembered why I fell in love with him. He was acting normal, being lovingly caring. However when it was time to blow the candles and cut the cake, things changed drastically.

Tyler Brown was one of my best friends from middle school; his mother and my mother were long time friends as well. When we were in eleventh grade, Tyler's family moved to California. He didn't graduate with us from high school, but we continued to be friends. Tyler graduated in California and enrolled in a graphic designer school there. Tyler was back for my birthday; because my mother and his thought it would be a great surprise for me. When everyone was singing Happy Birthday, a familiar voice filled my ears. Tyler was standing there in front of the cake table with a huge bouquet of tulips in his arms. I began to cry and sob because I was so happy to see him again.

"Happy birthday, Bella. You look lovely," he said, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

"Aw! Thank you for coming Tay! I need to introduce you to my boyfriend Jacob." I grabbed his hand and dragged him to where Jake was, but to my surprise Jacob had a drink in his hand. Jake nodded when he saw us walking toward him, and put his glass down to greet us.

"There's my girl! Where have you been loca?" Jake said, wrapping his arms around my body, his hands stopping below the small of my back. I blushed furiously, but managed to step away from him.

"Jacob, this is Tyler Brown. Tyler, this is my boyfriend Jacob Black," I said nervously. Jake was giving Tyler strange looks, but he said nothing. My mother turned on the music and everyone started to dance. Jacob took my hand and started to dance with me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, his scent almost knocking me back.

"You've been drinking, haven't you?" I asked him, I was mad at him because I knew what happened when he got drunk.

"It was only one drink, Bells. Charlie gave it to me and I couldn't say no to him." He tried to justify himself and kissed me again.

We danced a few more songs, when Tyler came over to us.

"Can I dance with the birthday girl?" he asked Jacob who narrowed his eyes at Tyler.

"Not for too long…" Jake said, pushing me forward and making me stumble. I turned around to look at him and prayed that Tay hadn't noticed.

"Sorry," I mumbled an apology, but Tyler shrugged and we kept dancing. When the song was over, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. My mom announced that a few guests were leaving and I said goodbye and exchanged hugs and kisses with all of them. Jacob was nowhere around, and that was making me uncomfortable.

"Well Bella, it was a fun party. I hope to see you soon," Tyler said hugging me. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

"It was nice to see –" I was cut off mid sentence. I yelped as I was pulled back suddenly, and I stumbled as my body crashed into Jacob's chest.

"You! Motherfucker! What the fuck you want with her, huh?" Jake asked Tyler. He was definitely intoxicated by now. Tyler looked confused and he took a step forward.

"Are you talking to me? I think you're drunk. You should go to sleep," Tyler sternly said, but Jacob was enraged by now.

"You are nobody to tell me what I should or shouldn't do! Get the fuck away from my woman!" Jake yelled. I was frozen at his side, terrified that if I decided to make a move Jake could hurt me.

"Oh please. C'mon I'm not going to fight a drunken man. That's not fair playing." Having said that Tyler turned around and tried to pull me away from Jake, but Jake pulled me back to him.

"I'm sorry Bella. I didn't mean to fuck up your birthday party, goodbye," he said, turning around and heading for the door. My eyes were clouded with tears that threatened to fall and my heart was beating so hard inside my chest that I could not breathe. I felt Jake grabbing my arm and yanking me backwards so hard that I fell to the floor. I winced in pain and couldn't see what was happening.

"Stop it Jacob!" Tyler said, walking towards me extending his arm. Jacob pushed him away from me; Tyler stood up and stopped him to come near me again.

"Bella! Go call your dad!" he desperately said, fighting against Jacob. But I couldn't move a muscle. I was absolutely terrified. Jake grabbed Tyler by the neck and squeezed tightly, I started to scream but no one heard me. The music was muffling my cries. The two of them continued to fight on the floor and Jake kicked Tyler in the stomach.

"You're going to pay for that motherfucker!" Jake said, taking a gun from his waist, pointing it at Tyler who was still on the ground.

"No! Jake no!" I yelled and ran towards Tyler but a deafening sound made me stop dead on my tracks. First it was only a sound. "Oh my God! Help! Someone help me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. And then there were two, three, four, five more shots.

Jacob stood still with a huge smirk on his diabolical face.

"Tyler! Tyler talk to me, Tay! Please! Tyler! SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE! HURRY!" I yelled, my voice echoing everywhere. My whole body was covered in Tyler's warm blood that was pooling around us. I began to feel dizzy, and I knew Jacob had killed Tyler and that the next victim was going to be me.

A huge commotion surrounded me, people screaming and people running everywhere and I hadn't moved an inch from Tyler's body. His mother Sue came from inside the house, running toward her dead son's body. I only heard her screaming, but all sounds around me were muffled. I couldn't make out what was happening around me, and I completely fainted.

A few days later, I found myself on a hospital bed, in a white shirt and matching shorts, my mother Renee and my father Charlie at my side. "What happened? Where's Jacob? What happen to Tyler?" I tried to sit up but immediately after I felt dizzy and began to throw up on the floor. My father ran outside to call a nurse and I fainted again.

After Tyler's memorial, my family tried to convince me to return home with them, but I didn't want to leave my apartment. My dad wasn't willing to let me be alone, but after a few minutes of intensive discussion, I won and they took me home. My mom explained to me that Jacob had been accused of first degree murder and that he was awaiting trial. After several months, Jake was found guilty by a grand jury. He was sentenced to 25 years in jail, without the possibility of parole. I sighed in relief. I was finally free of him, from his abusive behavior, his drunken state. I was able to be myself again.

For the following four months I tried to rebuild my life, to go to college again and I started to go out without fear. I was happy, feeling free and loved. I was taking a nap in my bed, when my cell phone started to ring. Without looking at the screen, I already knew who it was - Alice.

"You better have good gossip to tell me Alice, I was taking a nap" I said, my voice was still groggy from sleeping.

"Well dear Bella, I actually have something better than that," she said giggling.

"Enlighten me, please," I said.

"Well, there's going to be this huge party at Raven's, so I'm calling you to find out what time you want me to pick you up. And… I am not taking a NO for an answer, missy," she sternly said. I knew better than to disagree with her. I sighed and rolled over in my bed.

"Well, I'm up to going if you come and help me with my hair and makeup," I said.

"Alright, see you in a few." She cheered and hung up.

Alice threw my club clothing on my bed and after I took a shower I began to get dressed. Alice loved to play with my hair and makeup! I ended up wearing a long satin blue blouse with shiny leggings and black high heeled booties. When I looked in the mirror, the image amazed me. "Woah Alice! I look amazing!"

35 minutes later, we were heading to the club.

~*At the club*~

"I need to go to the bathroom, wanna come?" Alice asked me and I shook my head. I was contemplating the sexy as hell Greek god standing at the bar, looking directly at me. I smiled, but a sudden heat invaded my cheeks and neck making me change my gaze. The bartender came over with a drink in his hand.

"Good evening. This is for you, from the man over there," he said, signaling the Greek god I had been watching. I turned and smiled back at him, my drink in hand. A few minutes later, I watched him coming toward my table. Where's Alice? I hope she don't come when I am talking to my Greek-bronze- haired god. I thought.

"Hi… good evening," he said pulling the chair back.

"Hi, thanks for the drink," I said, blushing once again.

"My pleasure. My name is Edward Cullen," he extended his hand and when his fingers made contact with mine, I felt an electric current running through my arm. I think he felt it too and my face blushed furiously – again.

"My name is Bella Swan… nice to meet you Edward," I simply said, smiling at him.

"Want to dance?" he asked me, and I couldn't say no. We headed to the dance floor. I was looking him, now that he was near me. Because I am obvious, he caught me staring at his face.

"Penny for your thoughts?" He said, making me giggle like a middle school teen girl.

"Better not. Let's go dance…" I said, holding his hand.

We started to dance and teased each other. The club lights were dim, making the scene more sensual. Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" filled the air and I started to dance even more provocatively. "I love this song!" I said to him and he nodded, a huge smirk on his face. We danced to Lady Gaga's "Telephone", Chris Brown "Picture Perfect" and Rihanna "Umbrella". His body was pressed against mine, making chills run down my back. I began to press my ass into his crotch and thrust my hips into him. I turned around and winked, then I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I'm thirsty Edward; can you get us something to drink? I'm going to wait for you at the table," I whispered into his ear.

"Well… tell me what you want to have… and I'll go to get it right away," he answered back.

"A strawberry margarita would be just fine for me," I said.


I walked back to my table to wait for Edward to bring our drinks. He came back with my Margarita, smirking at me as he approached. He looked absolutely sexy. I couldn't take my eyes of him. When he approached the table, I stood up.

"Edward, let's move to a quiet place so we can talk."

"Sure," he said, following me to the back of the club. They have there a VIP area, with red leather couches, barely illuminated. There weren't many people around us, so we could be ourselves. I took a sip of my drink and he did the same. There was no need to fill every silence with irrational chitchat.

"I love your hair… can I touch it?" I asked him, biting my bottom lip.

He smirked and nodded. "Go ahead, but I must say that my hair is an erogenous part of my body." His voice was husky and low, and I couldn't help but smile.

"That's alright babe… I'm dying to run my hands on that glorious hair of yours. If something happens after that… and I hope it will… we can figure it out later on." Definitely I was crazy. I had drunk too many Margaritas. My panty was already wet.

"You are so beautiful Bella. I am sure that I'll never get tired of seeing your face for the rest of my life," he whispered. His face was inches from mine, he was really close and I could feel his breath on my lips. I wanted him to kiss me. NOW!

"I don't know what is going to happen later, but I must say that you effect me like no one before you, Edward. This is so weird to me and I have to…" and he kissed me. He was kissing me passionately; I dug my fingers on his scalp and into his velvety hair.

I moaned and deepened the kiss. I bit his tongue, kissed his neck and his jaw line. He ran one hand on the back of my neck and with the other one he traced my cheek with his long fingers.

"Come with me Edward," I said, pulling myself from his lap.

I enlaced my hand with his. Edward pushed me against the back wall of the club, making me moan loudly. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he grabbed my ass to help him regain my balance.

"Fuck Bella…" he said.

"Let's go to my home Edward…"

We ran through the rain to Edward's car and he drove away from the club. We were in my home in no time. I looked for my keys in my bag; I was nervous not having had a man in my house since Jacob. I opened the door of my apartment.

"The only thing I want right now is you Edward. I don't know why and I don't care either, just you Edward… that's what I want now." I launched myself on him, making him stumble backwards. He hit his back on the wall and groaned in pain.

"Whoops! Sorry baby," I said and giggled.

I pushed him towards the bed making him recline on his back, me straddling him.

"Oh, fuck me Edward," I whispered in his ear.

"Fuck Bella!" he whimpered.

He grasped my waist, making us turn around on the bed. I was on top of him again giving him access to my overheated core. I could feel the tip of his cock teasing my clit, making me moan loudly.

"Oh Edward… stop teasing me." I let out a frustrating sigh.

"I am going to fuck you senseless Bella," he groaned, tearing my clothes off of me. I did the same and undress him.

"I can't wait." I said, pushing my body forward, so he could impale me with his hard cock.

"Yes, Edward… this is so… good."

"You're so wet for me baby." His hands were traveling through my body, caressing me while thrusting in and out, pounding my pussy with force. I cried out loud.

"Shit… oh God," Edward turned me around facing the bed now.

"Mmm Bella baby, you feel so fucking good." I was using my headboard as leverage, pushing my body against his on each thrust.

"Oh Edward, I'm going to come… shit…" He smacked my ass and I moaned loudly again.

"Bella… fuck!" he said and I cried out loud as I came, moaning his name again and again. Edward cried out my name as well, when an intense orgasm made him crashed on my back.

"That was so good," I finally said, breathless.

Edward was playing with a messy strand of my hair.

"I like you, Bella. Even if it may sound awkward for you, it is really important for me to let you know how I feel." He said, my heart swell with this giant emotion, growing inside of me. I believed in love again. I trusted him, I trusted in every single word he had said.

"I believe you, Edward. I barely know you but I feel like I know you from long ago." I kissed the top of his nose.

"I am thirsty, want to drink something?" I asked him.

"No babe, I'm fine," he said.

I wrapped my naked body with the bed sheet and walked out to the kitchen.

But my reality came crashing down on me and bit me hard on my ass. When I was on the kitchen, I noticed that my cell phone had a message. Oh my God! Alice!" I thought while pressing the password of my voice mail. Alice must be preoccupied! I thought, as I listened to the new message in my voicemail. Panic and desperation took over my body and my brain felt like it would go to explode. The phone crashed to my feet and I stood there frozen, unable to move. My heart was pulsing painfully in my chest and my head began to spin, making me feel dizzy and nauseated. Edward, he need to go, NOW! I thought, as I ran back to my room where Edward was pacifically asleep.

I went completely nuts. Jacob was free and coming home… as he said he would. I wanted to cry, to scream… but I stood there… unable to move. I frantically pressed the police number, to notify them that Jacob had violated the restraining order. In matter of seconds, Jacob Black, my biggest nightmare, would be dangerously near me, near Edward.

I ran back to my room to wake him up. "Listen to me. You have to go Edward… now!" Edward looked confused, staring at me. I was pacing from side to side, muttering things under my breath.

"What's wrong Bella?" he asked me, concern clearly noticeable in his voice, but I ignored him as I continued to pace around my bedroom.

"You have to go! NOW! Dammit… GO!" I yelled at him, yanking the sheets from his body. He stood up to grab his boxers off the floor. I ran back to the living room, to check the door lock. I ran back to my room, grabbed Edward's arm to push him out of the window.

"What the fuck is going on?" I couldn't speak to him. I only had to save him from Jacob. Edward didn't deserve to die because of me, just like Tyler. Anger filled my body, and I pushed him again.

"You wanna know why you have to leave, here's why," I said, throwing my cell phone at him. Edward looked at me then at my phone.

"Press 4598 and listen to the message."

"Hey baby, surprise, surprise. Girl, I'm free. I'll be home around three. See ya… Jake."

He looked at me, his beautiful eyes wide opened. The clock showed 3:15.

"Who the fuck is Jake?" he asked.

"An ex," I muttered.

"An ex?"

"Damn! I'm sure. He is obsessed with me. I thought that I was safe, because he was in jail. But somehow he is out today! Shit! I can't believe it." I started to cry, the tears poured from my eyes.

"Shhh don't worry. I'm here… nothing bad is going to happen to you," he said, taking me in his arms.

"Nooo! You need to go. That man is fucking crazy," I said, sobbing.

"Why? What did he do?"

"He got 25 years. Jake killed someone because of me; he is possessive and extremely jealous. But I don't know why he is out."

I was so scared for Edward's safety.

"Grab you shoes, clothes…. He should be here soon. Move, please!" I said, throwing his things out of the window. "Go! Hit the street, disappear, whatever… but just get out of here."

"Wait, at least let me get dressed and I'll leave."

"Don't take too long Edward. If Jake finds you here, he is going to snap your neck in two seconds…" I whispered.

I heard the sounds of keys on the door and I started to shake. I put my hand on my mouth to muffle the sobs and my heart started to pound rapidly inside my chest.

"I changed the locks, you've got time to go," I whispered.

We heard a slam on the door. Jacob was here.

"Bella! Bella! It's me, Jake. Open the door honey," he shouted and I began to whimper.

Silence… we remained quiet, my hands enlaced on Edward's.

"I know you are inside Bella. Just open the fucking door, before I kick it down." His voice was menacing.

"There's no time now, get under the bed. I will try to calm him a bit and ask him to take a ride with me. Then you can go… but before you go, please leave me your phone number. I promise I'll call you," I said, crossing my arms around his neck to kiss him.

But our plan changed… Jake kicked down the door, making me scream. Edward had one leg out of his jeans.

"Bella… who's that car outsi…" he yelled, but stopped when his eyes fixed on Edward. I stood there, frozen… I looked at him; he looked at me and back to Edward.

"Who the fuck are you motherfucker?" he growled, taking a step closer.

I walked toward him, trying to ease his anger. "Jake, listen baby. He is a friend of mine, but he is leaving now." I stood in the middle of them. "Right?"

"Do you really think that I am that stupid?" Jacob turned to face me and instantly I took a few steps back from him. I was scared to death. I stumbled on my feet when he tried to reach my arm.

Edward jumped on Jacob to protect me.

"Don't you dare to touch her, motherfucker!"

And they began to fist fight. I moved from my frozen position and ran back to the phone to call the police. Edward and Jacob continued to fight on the floor, when I talked to Officer Donald. In no time, I heard police officers running inside the room to separate them. I ran to Edward, wrapping my arms around his neck.

After Jacob was arrested and away from me, paramedics checked on Edward and determined that he could go home.

~*One day later*~

Last night, Edward asked me to move to his apartment. I didn't want to do that, because I was afraid that maybe he would think I was taking advantage of him. But, I missed him so badly… I needed him to feel secure again.

I moved around my room, throwing my clothing into a shoulder bag and a small suitcase. When I gathered all my belongings, I took a taxi to the address Edward wrote for me on a piece of paper last night. Approaching the apartment door, I could hear laughter and voices coming from the inside. I sighed and knocked the door. All sounds inside stopped and a huge, bulky man opened the door for me.

"Hi. Is Edward home?" I asked him, biting my bottom lip, hoping that this was the correct address.

The guy in front of me nodded and took my bags, leaving the door open for me.

"Edward, I think your girl is here!" he said, turning back to offer me his huge hand. "I'm Emmett, nice to meet you." I chuckled and extend my hand to him.

"Nice to meet you Emmett, I'm Bella."

Emmett wrapped his arm around me, leading us to the living room. "I know you already Bella," he said.

When we reach the living room, Edward was on his feet looking at me. I run to him, and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

"I don't want to leave you ever again Edward," I said, kissing him again.

"I'm not going anywhere Bella. I belong to you, forever," he said, his friends cheering at us.

Edward's POV

A/N: Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoy Bella's side of the story. People had write asking me to develop this story and make it longer, but I think it reached it's best. Thank you for your wonderful support. The only thing I ask you back is LOTS of reviews! haha See ya soon...

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